CELL Selected for USAID's ECCN 2018-19 Partner Initiative

The Conflict and Education Learning Laboratory’s 'Violent Pasts Workshop' has been chosen by USAID's Education in Conflict and Crisis Network (ECCN) as a featured Partner Initiative that it will support for 2018-2019. CELL's Violent Pasts Workshop meets ECCN's key aim to advance knowledge and understanding about a critical area in the field of education in crisis and conflict (EiCC) settings. Moreover, through this Partner Initiative, ECCN and CELL shall seek to collaborate and strengthen synergies across their respective networks.

More About the Violent Pasts Workshop

The Conflict and Education Learning Laboratory, in partnership with the Education Sector at UNESCO and the Georg Eckert Institute (GEI) for International Textbook Research, is organizing a high-level workshop on narrating violent pasts to:

1) Bring together experts and stakeholders to discuss the state-of-the-art on representing conflict and violence in historical narratives and educational materials,

2) Discuss a new research and practice agenda on narrating violent pasts and gain feedback from other leaders in the conflict and education field, and

3) Identify effective ways to gain maximum impact on policy and practice.

This workshop is part of a joint-mission by CELL, UNESCO, and GEI to support education systems and educational materials to foster dialogue, inclusion, reconciliation, and peace through non-discriminatory depictions of violent pasts. In gathering together the state-of-the-art from a diverse array of stakeholders, it shall contribute to research and practice on identifying and narrating violent pasts in history, social studies, and geography textbooks and curricula.

The Violent Pasts Workshop shall be convened in Brussels, Belgium, in January 2019. Recommendations for practitioners, curriculum developers and policy makers will be shared following the workshop. Stay tuned to CELL's website for more information about the workshop and its research activities on narrating violent pasts.