CELL Launches at UNESCO

Hosted by the Permanent Delegation of the Kingdom of the Netherlands to UNESCO

Official launch of the Conflict in Education Learning Laboratory (CELL Foundation). The event was hosted by Ambassador Lionel Veer of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, in the presence of Assistant Director-General for Education Qian Tang.

Wars begin in the minds of men and women, often in the form of stereotypes. The CELL Foundation addresses this source of conflict through research, policy engagement and also sponsorship of young scholars in conflict so that they can pursue higher education.

The Foundation is chaired by former Dutch Minister of Education, Culture and Science Jo Ritzen. The innovative CELL initiative is of paramount importance as our rapidly globalizing society brings us in touch with unfamiliar cultures, which often leads to negative stereotyping. The event presented the CELL Foundation’s work to a broad audience of experts and Permanent Delegates and to engage a dialogue with them about this work and possibilities of cooperation. To raise awareness about this initiative participants used the hashtag #UnescoCELL on social media.


13.15 – 13.40    Opening: Ambassador Lionel Veer of the Kingdom of the Netherlands and Assistant-Director General for Education Mr. Qian Tang

13.40 – 13.50    Policy Programme: Jo Ritzen, President CELL Foundation

13.50 – 14.00    Research Programme: Atif Rizvi, Ex. Director CELL Foundation

14.00 – 14.10    Young Scholars in Conflict Programme: Ayla Bonfiglio, Programme Director CELL Foundation

14.10 – 14.40    Q & A moderated by: Yael Duthilleul, Education Advisor, Council of Europe Development Bank (CEB) Owen Bennett-Jones, BBC Correspondent

14.40 - 14.45    Conclusion

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